Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Inspired by: Flowers

This time of year feels so colourful and vibrant. I love witnessing the seasons changing - I appreciate it even more now that I have a dog and walk her daily. There's a woods close by us that we sometimes go to and it's been amazing seeing it change from bare, frosty branches to a crispy coating of autumn leaves and now the floor is covered in a beautiful blanket of bluebells, it's so pretty. I find flowers so inspiring and I love having fresh flowers in the studio while I'm working. I really like the energy of the above photo's from my 'beautiful things' board on Pinterest (Here are the original sources for the top & middle photo, the restyled chair is unknown.) Below is an illustration I created for The Financial Times last year for the Centenary of The Chelsea Flower Show, this year the show is held on 20th May, you can buy tickets here. What are you currently inspired by?

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