Monday, 2 June 2014

New blog!

My new lifestyle/illustration blog is now live! You can visit it here. There will be lots more lifestyle themed posts as I get to grips with photography, behind the scenes illustration adventures and things I've experienced and am learning about being an illustrator and lots more. I do hope you'll stop by!  

Thank you to anyone that reads or has read this blog, I will no longer be updating this site so if you want to follow my adventures/rambles head to 

Friday, 9 May 2014

Adventures in film pt.4 - in my kitchen


I'm a little behind with posting this but here's my last Adventures in film post. From top to bottom… 

Porridge with almond milk, strawberries & blueberries. Black coffee, a favourite daily treat. I like to drink all sorts of herbal tea throughout the day but I like a strong black coffee at my desk in the morning to start the day. I love this mug by Moira Millman that was a gift from a friend a couple years back (you can buy it here.) The magnets on my bread bin are from sticky gramA spoon rest I painted & glazed last year when my boyfriend and I had moved into our first flat together :( sad that it cracked! I made sweet potato and feta patties. I'm loving patties and fritters lately after being inspired to make the sweetcorn fritters I illustrated for Waitrose Kitchen in last months issue. They're a really nice meal to have with salad or extra veg on a weeknight. Mixed seeds with sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts. Chives…always remind me of my granddad as he had them growing down the end of his garden and when we were little we would walk past and grab a few to eat on the way back to the house. (We probably should have washed them first though!) Tofu steak stir-fry with veggies, soy sauce & Sichuan peppercorns.

…And that it's. It's been lots of fun experimenting with taking more photo's on a daily basis and developing them so I have tangible photo's. I definitely think I've improved (a bit) with my photography and I'm eager to continue learning as I go! I've got the photography bug now and I can't wait to keep developing my skills and trying new things. Thanks for letting me share!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Waitrose Kitchen May 14.'

It's around that time of the month again to share a few foodie pics from my regular feature for Waitrose Kitchen magazine. Penne pasta, courgette, red cabbage, orange, basil and walnuts. I love working on this little commission each month :) 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Live Love Draw - new blog!

Hello! I've been busy working away on some new personal projects, one of them being a brand new blog! I'm really excited about a fresh space where I'll be sharing my creative adventures and daily life as an illustrator. I'm going to be sharing my stories and experiences and things I've learnt along the way. It will be a more personal blog with a combination of lifestyle and illustration mixed together. I hope it will be a space of positive creativity. Stay tuned for the launch of the site which will hopefully be the beginning of next month!  

Friday, 25 April 2014

Adventures in film Pt.3 - everyday moments


These are my fave pics so far from my film camera experiments. It was fun to capture everyday moments. The weather has been crazy recently, going from bright sunshine to pouring rain...I guests thats april (showers) for you! I've been trying to play around with light as you can see in the first two pictures. The first pic is from our main room that has 3 walls of big windows when the sun shines it's so bright, I love seeing the different forms and shapes the light shafts create. The second pic is the view from my studio, when the sun shines its the best thing.ever. Third pic is a personal project I've been working on in between my current job, a book project (on bread!) I'm having fun with this project and I'm excited about developing it, I have a lot of ideas for it. The fourth and fifth photo is of my lovely dog Elsie (and my wellies.) We walk everyday and I love having her with me during the day. The last pic was a pic of my lunch, I made the crunchy lentil and watercress salad from Clotilde Dusoulier The French market cookbook which I'm obsessed with, highly recommend this book if you're a veggie or you just love veggies in general! 

I have one more film post coming next Fri, see you then.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Inspired by: Flowers

This time of year feels so colourful and vibrant. I love witnessing the seasons changing - I appreciate it even more now that I have a dog and walk her daily. There's a woods close by us that we sometimes go to and it's been amazing seeing it change from bare, frosty branches to a crispy coating of autumn leaves and now the floor is covered in a beautiful blanket of bluebells, it's so pretty. I find flowers so inspiring and I love having fresh flowers in the studio while I'm working. I really like the energy of the above photo's from my 'beautiful things' board on Pinterest (Here are the original sources for the top & middle photo, the restyled chair is unknown.) Below is an illustration I created for The Financial Times last year for the Centenary of The Chelsea Flower Show, this year the show is held on 20th May, you can buy tickets here. What are you currently inspired by?

Friday, 18 April 2014

Adventures in film pt.2 - around my studio space

Here are some photo's from my latest roll of film that I took around my studio space. I currently work from home in a room that was built originally as a hallway/walkway that we renovated to make into a separate room. I live in an unusual setup, a wooden cabin-type building (we like to call it the chalet!) in the bottom of my parents garden behind a fence. I live with my boyfriend and our dog and we are currently saving to buy our first property. So back to the studio… it's a good size space for the work I do as it has a full length desk the width of the room that was originally wood that I added a sheet of white perspex to to create a large white desk. We also painted the room white which I love and there's a lovely big window that allows alot of light in (sometimes too much and I feel like I need to be wearing sunglasses at my desk - note to self must buy blind!) Along the windowsill I have some plants including the succulent above, I'm slowly adding more and more plants to my space and I'm obsessed. My desk houses my iMac, two printers and little piles of sketchbooks and notebooks like the stack in the above shot - I love the abstract book that I found in a charity shop, it has beautiful marbled end pages. The butterfly box holds some transfers, a few instax pics and some stickers. 
Underneath the desk theres lots of drawers that I keep bits tucked away and try to keep organised. I have five moodboards in my studio each with a different purpose or theme. Above is a section of images from my biggest moodboard (that I made by painting a sheet of MDF.) To be honest I like to have clutter around me not on my desk but on the walls, I love pinning inspirational quotes and images and changing them frequently depending on my mood. Photo 5 is a pic of some images blue-tacked by my desk - a page from last month's Elle, I love the current art-trend inspired fashion. Some printouts from Lisa Congdon's sketchbook that can be seen on her blog and a Picasso inspired shoot from Vogue Australia that I saw on designlovefest blog. In the corner of my desk sits my Project life binder, inspiration scrapbook and a new album I painted and re-covered for a personal memory book I made for a friend's birthday. The last photo is a peek at one of the shelves in my studio where I keep jam jars full of pens, lead and a little stack of mini moleskins.