Monday, 7 April 2014

Illustrations for 'Edible spots & pots.'

Late last year I had the pleasure of working with Christina Gaugler from Rodale inc. on a number of illustrations for Stacey Hirvela's new book 'Edible spots & pots.'

The commission included drawing 66 edibles and 16 projects - it was so much fun! The creative challenge was drawing the vegetables and herbs in a realistic way but retaining my own illustrative style and using only two spot colours! It was my first time using spot colours and I really enjoyed having the restriction and I think it's helped the edibles to look that bit more sophisticated. That is if you can make kale look sophisticated! It was also fun creating the project illustrations as it was a theme that I hadn't illustrated before. Chris was really helpful and sent me some little bamboo sticks to construct mock-ups of the some of the projects to draw from. Here are some selected drawings from the book. (You can buy the book here!)
My favourite edibles to draw were the ones with unusual textures, little details and shapes. Some of them included horseradish, Tuscan kale and jerusalem artichoke. I hope you like them! 

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