Friday, 25 April 2014

Adventures in film Pt.3 - everyday moments


These are my fave pics so far from my film camera experiments. It was fun to capture everyday moments. The weather has been crazy recently, going from bright sunshine to pouring rain...I guests thats april (showers) for you! I've been trying to play around with light as you can see in the first two pictures. The first pic is from our main room that has 3 walls of big windows when the sun shines it's so bright, I love seeing the different forms and shapes the light shafts create. The second pic is the view from my studio, when the sun shines its the best thing.ever. Third pic is a personal project I've been working on in between my current job, a book project (on bread!) I'm having fun with this project and I'm excited about developing it, I have a lot of ideas for it. The fourth and fifth photo is of my lovely dog Elsie (and my wellies.) We walk everyday and I love having her with me during the day. The last pic was a pic of my lunch, I made the crunchy lentil and watercress salad from Clotilde Dusoulier The French market cookbook which I'm obsessed with, highly recommend this book if you're a veggie or you just love veggies in general! 

I have one more film post coming next Fri, see you then.

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