Friday, 7 March 2014

Books on my Wishlist

Here's a few of the books on my current wish list... 

Kerry Lemon's 'Fearless Drawing,' 'Illustrated adventures for overcoming artistic adversity.' I follow Kerry's blog and her work is so beautiful. She has a really energetic attitude towards what she does for a living and her enthusiasm is contagious so her book is bound to be equally inspiring. It's a great concept for a book, I can't wait to pick up a copy in June!

This book by art blogger at The Jealous Curator Danielle Krysa, looks like it could be a really good reference and go-to book in times of need! Everyone gets creative block at some point and this book contains tips and advice from 50 artists about how they personally overcome it. The artists give their insights on how to conquer self doubt, stay motivated, and get ideas to flow with each artist offering up a tried and tested exercise to kick start the creative process. 

'A Beautiful Mess, Happy Handmade Home,' by Elsie Larson & Emma Chapman. This is the second book by this creative duo who together run the A Beautiful Mess blog which is packed full of daily inspiration in the form of d.i.y's, recipes, crafts, photography, fashion, decor and lots more! I'm obsessed with their blog and really enjoyed their first book which was a photo idea book. I'm currently saving to buy my first home so I think this book will be really helpful and fun to look through to get ideas.

I love reading the sort of books where you don't have to go through each and every page but can pick up when you want to and use as reference books to inspire and inform when the mood takes you. What's currently on your book wish list? I'd love to hear your recommendations! 

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