Monday, 2 December 2013

N by Norwegian

I was recently asked to illustrate another article by Toby Young (I first illustrated a Toby Young article for Stella magazine a few years ago.) The article 'How not to do New York,' examines the reasons Toby failed to 'take' New York. It was a fun piece to illustrate with funny anecdotes that conjured up great images. I chose to illustrate Toby as a small character representing his feelings of insignificance. There are five illustrations altogether so if you're flying to Norway check them out in the flesh in N by Norwegian magazine. Special thanks to Rickard Westin for great art direction.

I'm currently finishing up a deadline on a book I've been working on for the last few months for Rodale, it's getting to the end now and it's exciting to see it all coming together. It will be out in February 2014. I've also worked on a book for Anova books which is out in March and I have some illustrations in the January and February issues of Waitrose Kitchen magazine so watch this space for new work coming soon in the new year!


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