Friday, 18 January 2013

The Lindt Big Egg Hunt 2013

Well it's official my time illustrating for The Lindt Big Egg Hunt is over. It's been an intense two weeks of drawing, drawing and a bit more drawing! I've really enjoyed the process of stripping everything back and working in a very traditional way - there's no option to use photoshop when you're illustrating an egg sculpture! I'm really excited about the launch of the eggs on Shrove Tuesday in Covent Garden, can't wait to see all the others eggs and their designs.

Thanks for following some of my progress here on this blog,
Bye for now x


  1. It looks so awesome! Can't wait to see it in the flesh...or should I say shell :-)

  2. We have been eagerly following your progress and think it incredible. I don't imagine it is easy drawing on a spherical surface all day. Congratulations on your success!! From Katie + Daisy xx

  3. Thanks Katie + Daisy! It was rather tricky drawing on a curved object - definitely a bit of a change than a piece of paper!xx

  4. This really is an epic piece of work Lindsey :)